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 Job Videos

Attract and engage the best candidates with Digi-Me job videos. These professional, 60-second videos provide key information, employer branding, and a call to action for each specific job opening. “Share” functions allow each Digi-Me video to instantly become viral, spreading to social media sites, blogs, and niche markets across the web. The metrics and analytics behind our videos are unmatched in the industry, providing critical data, including how much your job is being viewed, where it’s being viewed, and the number of times it’s shared and applied for.

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 Cultural Insight Videos

Find the candidates that are the best fit for your company with the help of Digi-Me cultural videos. These customized 3-minute videos showcase your organization’s cultural values, innovations, benefits, and anything else that you want to say to help set you apart from the competition. And just like our job videos, Digi-Me cultural videos have “share” functions for a viral spread and include up-to-the minute metrics so you can track where your video is generating the most interest.

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 Virtual Career Fair

A time-saving twist on traditional career fairs, Digi-Mes Virtual Career Fair is a one-of-a-kind service that combines company profiles with video job reports that candidates can conveniently access from anywhere. Recruiters can meet and interview candidates through a web-cam, collect resumes and CVs, and even extend candidates the opportunity to create a 20-second video introduction of themselves.

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As part of the Digi-Me video solution package, clients gain access to our proprietary client-facing content management system (CMS), which allows you to manage your video library from any device that has Internet access. All you have to do is log-in to the Digi-Me portal, and from there you can make changes to the information in your videos in real time, request new videos, turn videos on and off as needed, and access metrics reports showing how your current videos are performing. In addition, the CMS feeds directly into your applicant tracking system for effortless, automatic distribution to the sites of your choice.

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 Candidate Expectations Videos

Digi-Me’s Candidate Expectation video solution was created to save recruiters time that was previously spent notifying individual candidates of their status during the job application process. The short, customized videos help to set job candidate expectations for the hiring process, leaving them with a clear understanding of timing and next steps, as well as providing a positive experience during their interaction with a potential employer’s brand.

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