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About Digi-Me

Our mission is to be the leading provider of technology-infused video for Human Resources,
matching employers with quality candidates faster and easier than traditional text job postings and providing measurable results to help clients better understand candidate behavior.

Our Story

Digi-Me is an exciting company that uses technology-infused video to help match the right employers with the right talent. Our parent company, JSTN, is an acronym for Job Search Television Network. When the company was created in 2008, we had a cable-based network broadcasting job video “reports,” which were modeled after news reports and provided viewers with information on available job openings. Since then, we’ve exploded into a multi-media powerhouse for the recruitment industry. In the spring of 2014, we launched our cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), which allows clients to easily manage their job video library anytime, anywhere. Shortly after the launch, in honor of our amazing technology, we became Digi-Me, a JSTN company.

The name “Digi-Me” comes from a combination of “digital” and “media.” Though video continues to be at the heart of our product line, it was important to us that our name also point to the wealth of technologies and services that are included with each of our products. With the rate that technology is evolving, the broad scope of the name “Digi-Me” allows us the flexibility to continue to incorporate new innovations. We are proud to be on the leading edge of recruitment technology and look forward to being a source of new innovations well into the future!

Executive Team

Roger Stanton
President & CEO
Jim Covert
Executive Chairman
Lloyd Shefsky
Board Member
Lindsay Stanton
Joe Fuller

Client Support Team

Dan Gillham
VP of Strategic Accounts
Stephany Beaver
Business Development Manager
Andrea Arroyo
Client Support Manager
Allison Sima
Interactive Marketing Manager


Allen Caviles